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Stop corruption in Irish Politics NOW

Polygraph test any TD accused or suspected of corruption

We have started a petition to demand that any TD accused or suspected of corruption should undergo a mandatory polygraph test. Why has so much money been wasted on tribunals, when a simple test can establish in a matter of hours whether or not a TD is being truthful or not?

The polygraph is an extremely effective deterrent and by introducing the use in politics this will immediately, at zero cost reduce the current levels of corruption, simply by its introduction. When wrongdoing or corruption is suspected the polygraph will quickly and cost-effectively establish the truth.

The people of Ireland have been let down badly by its leaders, corruption has been endemic and tolerated and this has to stop now.

If you, like us are sick of corruption in Irish politics, please sign our petition and ask everyone you know to sign it as well. In fact if you truly want change it is your obligation to support this campaign to improve the future of this country.

We want 100,000 signatures to present to the government with the message that we DEMAND change

Go to the Petition site here