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Give a Dog a Bad Name

“Give a dog a bad name and hang him”

Once a person loses his reputation, he is likely to be blamed for the misdeeds of others

Unfortunately the follies of youth can come back to haunt us in later life, when our earlier transgressions can result in being at the top of a suspect list when a wrongdoing occurs.

You can hardly blame others – it’s not easy to lose a bad reputation and trust, once lost can be extremely difficult to regain. It is often easier for others to believe history has repeated itself than face the fact that perhaps someone else is to blame.

We come across many domestic situations (often when a theft has occurred) where in the absence of any evidence the family member with a chequered past is the main or only suspect.

We can’t change our past- but it is possible to clear your name by taking a polygraph test to prove you have not done what you are being accused of. Unfortunately these situations tend to deteriorate over time and can tear families apart, so for anyone in this situation I would urge you to take a polygraph test sooner rather than later.