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We have worked with the Media Industries in Ireland on many occasions helping them ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy. As the leading expert on the polygraph in Ireland, we have been quoted many times, by many publications, also.

Media & Current Affairs

Frequently, in an attempt to sensationalize a case for TV, the media has attempted to use a polygraph test for entertainment purposes, but using a polygraph properly can offer techniques to help the media ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy. Why not verify your sources first? With upwards of a 95% confidence rate, the equipment and techniques of today are advanced and reliable.

Today, with social media, false accusations are quite common. News sources can become confused with things uncorroborated, ‘from the web’, and anonymous or dubious sources hiding behind fake profiles. Stories do literally become viral, making separating fact from fiction near impossible in many cases, infecting the truth. Fake news is one result, and innuendo or unnamed sources are becoming more common today, due to the unreliability of many modern sources – as are the potential financial liabilities for such behavior.

In a 24 hour news cycle a reputation or one’s financial well-being can be destroyed in an instant.
A lie detector gives one a way to fight back. Many people that take a polygraph test do so because they need to prove they haven’t done something that they’ve been falsely accused of doing, but it is not limited to that type of use. Determining the veracity and honesty of a source or claimant is just as valid a scenario. It can prevent lawsuits, false accusations and preserve the reputation of a news or media outlet.

Polygraphs are used extensively by police, lawyers and others in their efforts to determine the truth of people’s statements. A lie detector test, used properly, by an expert, can mean a considerable reduction in retractions, unintended consequences, financial liabilities and in the preservation of one’s integrity and reputation.

As the longest established and most recognized professional in Ireland, BPA / APA Qualified Certified Examiner Sian Devine MBA, M.Sc. and Lie Detector LTD. of Dublin, is ready to help. Contact us to learn more, ask us questions, or book an examination today.

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 by Catraoine Uí hAinle

I thought I would have to travel outside of Ireland to get this done so was pleased to find Mrs Devine is a fully qualified examiner and has been for many years, I am writing this to help others who maybe sceptical about taking a lie detector test, as Mrs Devine said if your telling the truth you have nothing to worry about, she was right.

Thank you so much for your great review Catraoine