Bribery and Kickback Allegations

Bribery and politics often go hand in hand. Many public and private entities, sports associations and NGO’s can have the same issues.

Doing business will, many times, expose people to situations where a kickback is offered. There may be an accusation of wrongdoing or evidence that shows no specific suspect. Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification.

Polygraph examinations are extensively used by police, lawyers and others in their efforts to determine the truthfulness of people’s statements. They can allow investigators to quickly rule suspects in or out of an investigation. Ultimately, testing significantly reduces investigative time and costs and can save many times the a

mount of money they cost.

Faith in the reliability of polygraphs has been enhanced by multiple studies and evidence. While commonly called a ‘lie detector’, a closer common term might be ‘truth detector’. There is no absolute test for lying or not, but a polygraph is very accurate in determining if someone is likely telling the truth, by comparing involuntary reactions to known human responses from the way one acts when telling the truth. A single issue

bribery and kickbacks exposed

test is 95 to 98% accurate.

  • Reduces Investigative Time
  • Quickly Rule Suspects In or Out
  • Expose Kickbacks and Bribery

We have worked with many organisations over the years, to find the guilty, as well as allowing innocent people to clear their names. We have also helped recover hundreds of thousands of Euro’s for employers, which would otherwise have been lost for good.

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Lie Detector LTD Ireland
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 by Mike Friel

Used this crowd to clear my name when all fingers were pointing at me. Thankfully all sorted now. Very happy with service, got appointment very quickly. Anyone thinking of booking test- just do it, best thing i did. Thank God and Lie Detector Ltd, I've got my life back now.

Mike, thank you so much for your review. We were so pleased you were able to clear your name and that we played a part in that. Your business and this review are much appreciated.