Family Law Verification

Matters of issue pending before a court, tribunal or state agency can utilise the polygraph for truth verification. Fundamental in situations where it is one person’s word against another, with no physical evidence.
Family Law

  • Custody Cases
  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Abuse

Are Polygraphs Accepted in Courts?

While there may be a great deal of misinformation around the subject, in Irish courts polygraph test results can be be admitted as evidence, as it is usually up to the judge to decide on it’s relevance. We can affirm that polygraph evidence is currently being used in family law courts as well as criminal and civil courts in Ireland.

One should never discount the effect a polygraph might have on negotiations or out of court settlements either. While certainly not a sole deciding factor in a court case, a polygraph test can be quite compelling evidence.

Since a polygraph test is only as good as the examiner, it is very important to use someone that will be respected by the people involved on both sides.

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