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Lie Detector Ltd

Lie Detector Ltd is the leading provider of polygraph and lie detection services in Ireland. All of our examiners are fully trained; use the latest computerised equipment; use validated techniques and carried out their training with APA accredited schools. Furthermore our examiners undergo regular training to ensure they remain completely up-to-date with any changes in technology, methodology and practises.

We have both male and female examiners. All our examiners are members of numerous professional and recognised organisations including the American Polygraph Association and the British Polygraph Association. Therefore you can be assured that when you deal with Lie Detector Ltd your test will be conducted professionally and your examiner has been trained to the highest standards.

The company is headed by Sian Devine who as well as being a fully qualified polygraph examiner also holds two master degrees: MBA and M.Sc. (Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies).

All our examiners have successfully completed specialist training to conduct post-conviction sex offender testing.

We are committed to providing a valid and reliable means to verify the truth. We comply, respect and observe a strict code of ethics. Our examiners maintain the highest standards of professional, moral and ethical conduct and integrity. Our quality control policies ensure our results will withstand any legal and /or professional scrutiny.

Whilst we are based in Dublin, we can conduct tests in a number of locations in Ireland. We are proud to offer fully qualified professional Polygraph and lie detection services in Ireland for both personal and business requirements.

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