Employee Lie Detection Tests

Employers are increasingly using polygraph examinations now, particularly as part of the recruitment process and also to deter dishonest and damaging behaviour from existing employees. Many job applications contain untrue information or embellishments regarding qualifications or work history and other information may be withheld such as a criminal convictions or drug /alcohol abuse. Introducing polygraph screening tests protects businesses and helps to minimise the risk of material of financial losses due to dishonest employees.

The thought of polygraph testing in the workplace may (understandably) fill employees with fear and trepidation. However, there must always be a genuine reason for a test before an examiner will agree to conduct polygraph testing in the workplace. Quite often this may relate to an economic loss, a theft or fraud for example, where there is an on-going specific investigation taking place. Sometimes there is an official criminal investigation, sometimes the business wishes to resolve the issue internally.

Unfortunately, people can find themselves in a position whereby, through no fault of their own, they are under suspicion of a serious crime, and they are unable to prove their innocence. This can cause significant stress for the people under suspicion; it can cause an uncomfortable and stressful work environment and relations between employees and also with management can deteriorate. This results in a detrimental effect of the health and emotional well-being of employees and often results in increased level of absenteeism and sick leave. It is important that innocent employees have a chance to clear their name and to remove the grey cloud of doubt which would otherwise always be hanging over them.

Our experience of polygraph testing in a business environment has been very positive and we have helped to successfully resolve a number of serious issues and recover hundreds of thousands of euro’s for business which would otherwise have been lost forever. Polygraph testing in the workplace is a quick and effective method of dealing with issues which may otherwise remain unresolved or take months or years to conclude.

Examples of some of the businesses that use polygraph testing for employees:

Security firms

Those who need to ensure that either criminals or someone with criminal intent does not infiltrate their business with a view to arranging a robbery essentially putting other employers and their families as well as customers at risk.

Pharmaceutical companies

May use polygraph for a number of different reasons including; protecting their intelligence from industrial espionage and ensuring they do not recruit individuals who are trying to gain access to drugs to sell illegally.

Chemical manufacturers

They may want to ensure individual are not trying to gain access to chemicals for terrorism or other illegal purposes.

Businesses involved in facilities which have a significant impact on the health or safety of a large population

such as nuclear or electric power plants, water works or toxic waste disposal who need to ensure terrorists or extremists do not infiltrate the business with the intention of harming the public.

Businesses with high value intellectual property

Those who need to keep data and trade secrets safe.