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There are many situations where polygraph testing can be an invaluable asset. The polygraph has been successfully used as an effective tool for verifying truthfulness and lie detection for many years. Polygraph testing is widely used in Canada, USA, Israel, Africa, Japan, Australia, and many European countries.

National security agencies and the majority of U.S police departments use the polygraph for law enforcement pre-employment or preclearance screening. Security sensitive professions screen existing employees who hold sensitive positions to ensure security. The polygraph is also used in investigations of specific events, such as criminal cases. The use of the polygraph is being used with increasing frequency in the U.K.

Furthermore, one area where the polygraph is used as a deterrent to future offending is in the supervision and management of post-conviction sex offenders. Sex offenders tend to be more deceptive than other criminal groups, polygraph testing ensures that treatment providers have the information necessary to implement an effective treatment program. Successful treatment programs prevent additional sexual offences and keep the community safe. Post-conviction sex offender testing is due to be introduced in England and Wales in 2014. Hopefully this will lead the way to the introduction of sex offender testing in Ireland in the not too distant future.

In most of these countries, the polygraph is not used in court proceedings, but is used as an effective tool to show deception in a person and further support corroborating evidence.

Services are provided to businesses, the legal community, the media as well as the general public.

  • Pre-employment Testing

    Security firms and business operating in high risk sectors request to have the information furnished by an applicant verified by polygraph.

  • Insurance Investigations

    To help reduce the number of false and fraudulent claims being paid by Insurers.

  • Domestic Dispute Resolution

    Polygraphs tests are often administered where a spouse or partner is suspected of cheating or abuse.

  • Media & Current Affairs

    Polygraph tests can help the media ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy.

  • Employee Theft/Fraud

    Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification.

  • Family Law

    Matters of issue pending before a court or administrative agency can utilise the polygraph for truth verification.

  • Sporting and Tournament Federations

    To minimise the possibilities of cheating.

  • Bribery/Kickback allegations

    Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification.

  • False and malicious allegations

    Polygraph tests allow innocent parties to clear their name and prove
    their honesty.


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