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Polygraph Examiner Sian Devine speaks to Irish Independent


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Are you the victim of a Narcissist Smear Campaign?

A narcissist will spread lies about their victims to destroy that individual’s reputation. A smear campaign conducted by  a narcissist is a manipulation tactic and will be particularly vindictive and persistent. Choosingtherapy.com describe the elements of such a campaign as being vengeful and very deliberate. What’s more the narcissist knows exactly…...

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I’m not lying so I will pass the test. Right?

There are two answers to this question, Yes and No!                                                                                 …...

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What constitutes a “good” polygraph test question?

‘Relevant’ test questions refer to the questions which are asked in relation to the reason the test is  being conducted. There are a number of rules and good practice regarding the compilation of relevant test questions. Polygraph test relevant questions should only be asked about factual things. They should be…...

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Testing someone when their English language skills are not good.

Conducting a polygraph test with a candidate who does not speak or understand good English is challenging for many reasons. A considerable amount of information is relayed to the examinee in the pre-test part of the examination process and it is vital that the examinee fully understands exactly what they…...

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