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What constitutes a “good” polygraph test question?

‘Relevant’ test questions refer to the questions which are asked in relation to the reason the test is  being conducted. There are a number of rules and good practice regarding the compilation of relevant test questions. Polygraph test relevant questions should only be asked about factual things. They should be…...

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Testing someone when their English language skills are not good.

Conducting a polygraph test with a candidate who does not speak or understand good English is challenging for many reasons. A considerable amount of information is relayed to the examinee in the pre-test part of the examination process and it is vital that the examinee fully understands exactly what they…...

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What Questions can I be asked?

The accuracy of a test will drop significantly if the questions are regarding multiple issues.  For the vast majority of our clients a single-issue polygraph test is the most appropriate. This is because the reason most of our clients undertake the examination is because they have been falsely accused of…...

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Do Drugs Affect the Results of a Polygraph Test?

When a person is prescribed medication by their doctor, it is usually because they have a health or medical condition. Medication to deal with that health issue, administered at the correct dosage should stabilise the condition. In most cases this means the health condition is not an issue for a…...

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How Accurate Can I Expect a Polygraph Test To Be?

There are a number of factors which affect the accuracy of a Lie Detector test, so how accurate is it? Some of these things can be controlled by the examiner, some of these cannot. The things that an examiner can control include being properly qualified, which involves training with a…...

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