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Why it’s a good idea to polygraph test sex offenders!

Following successful trials, mandatory polygraph testing for set to be introduced early next year in England and Wales as part of the post-conviction supervision......

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Lie Detector Test Ireland

Lie Detector Limited provides polygraph (often referred to as Lie Detector) services in Ireland for both private individuals and corporate clients......

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What is a Polygraph?

The polygraph is a diagnostic tool which records respiration, cardiovascular activity and electro dermal activity......

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Lie Detector ltd’s polygraph test helps quash conviction in the High Court

A county councillor who voluntarily took a lie detector test has spoken of his “huge relief” after the High Court quashed his conviction for assault......

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Lie Detectors Snare Party Cheats

Girls who suspect their fellas have been cheating at the office Christmas party are demanding they take lie detector tests......

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