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Lie Detectors Snare Party Cheats

Girls who suspect their fellas have been cheating at the office Christmas party are demanding they take lie detector tests......

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A journalists view

I was a little sceptical about the lie detector test before I took it......

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Irish Flock to Take Lie Detector Tests…..To Save Marriages

Irish couples are forcing their wayward partners to take lie detector tests to prove they are not cheating. Lie Detector Ltd, the first company to offer polygraph tests in Ireland......

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Can Polygraph evidence be used in Court in Ireland?

This is a question we are often asked and often there is a great deal of misinformation around the subject. Not surprising really, given that it is only in the last two years ......

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Why would someone take a Polygraph test they know they cannot pass?

Whilst the majority of our clients use our services to prove they are being truthful in a matter, there are some who take the test knowing they cannot possibly pass......

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