False or Malicious Allegations

Social Media

False Accusations

This type of assault can and does destroy many lives. When reputations are under attack, you need help. Unfounded and or malicious allegations can have a severe detrimental effect on the life of the person involved and also on those around them, and their friends and loved ones. Settling matters and getting to the truth is of paramount importance.

Public Exposure

Today, with the proliferation of social media, false accusations are quite common. Malicious attempts at slandering someone, or just to promote the offender’s own cause can destroy your public image and perception of honesty. Depending on where they originate or who is doing the repeating, the damage can be devastating.

Fake Social Attacks

Spreading of innuendos and flat out lies can be vicious and can go viral, often by anonymous sources hiding behind fake profiles. In such cases it is almost impossible for one to clear their name without some form of proof or evidence. Many people, even when they are in possession of corroborating evidence, or even a court order against someone, or exonerating them of something, still will want to take a polygraph to put to rest any lingering questions or doubt.

How Do You Prove Something That Didn’t Happen?

Polygraph tests allow innocent parties to clear their name and prove their honesty. If you are telling the truth, this may be your only option. With no tangible evidence, the support of a polygraph test will allow you to provide some evidence for your claim of innocence. It is particularly hard to prove you didn’t do something without some supporting evidence.

Trusted and Accepted Resolution

A polygraph examination can determine, with accuracy between 95% and 98%, the truth. But not just any test. One administered with the strictest of controls and standards, by a highly qualified, respected examiner, with the latest training and equipment, can support you with professional data that is respected and trusted.

As the longest established and most respected name in Ireland, Lie Detector LTD., and BPA / APA Qualified and Certified, Sian Devine MBA, M.Sc., are here to help. Contact us today for a confidential enquiry. All enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence and all general enquiries are welcome.
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 by Kitty Fang

I was initially unsure whether to take a polygraph test and contacted lie detector Ireland to discuss my case, I was put at total ease by the examiner and was able to discuss the allegation against me. I am pleased to say following the test its been the best money spent for me. Thanks again for helping me to get my life back.

Thank you very much for your review Kitty