Domestic Dispute Resolution

Solving Domestic Disputes

Domestic Abuse

Domestic disputes can be enormously emotionally taxing. Being accused or suspected of something you did not do, by a loved one, or suspecting a family member, can wreck havoc on one’s home life, in addition to the possible legal issue that are related. Cheating, child abuse and addictions are just a few areas where polygraphs are often administered, relating to domestic situations.


When a spouse or partner is suspected of cheating it can be devastating. Resolving the issues, when you are telling the truth, is usually more that swearing your innocence. The increased emotional states for all involved do not lend themselves to easy reconciliation without some way to both calm the situation and resolve the questions. Getting something like this behind you, or, proving they did happen, is life changing, in either case. The ability to rebuild a relationship, going forward, on the basis of trust is hard to do without resolution or closure. A polygraph is sometimes the only way this can ever happen. There really is little other way to move forwards, when there is no physical proof to exonerate you.

Domestic or Child Abuse

Child abuse and endangerment issues are also situations where a polygraph can be used to refute horrible accusations or prevent incarceration. Polygraphs are also conducted when there is an allegation of physical or sexual abuse (current or historical). Settling such situations is of the utmost importance, both for a worried parent or an unjustly accused person. In these situations there may be no tangible evidence to prove that you did not do something, or that it did not happen, other than a lie detector test.


Are you concerned that your partner has an addiction issue? Have you been accused of one? When it comes to domestic situations, the use of drugs or alcohol can destroy a home. But even worse, it can destroy a life. Maybe more than one. If you want to get help for your loved one, you first have to get them to admit the problem. Suggesting a polygraph test is one way to shock someone back into reality, but it does not always work. When addictions are the issue, admitting it to one’s self is not always easy. Telling the truth is the first step to recovery. Sometimes, failing a polygraph is the only way.

But what if you are suspected and you are innocent? Passing a polygraph will dispel all fears and let you regain your life…and the trust you deserve. Having a spouse worry that you have a serious problem can be difficult to bear. Setting their mind at ease is a simple phone call away.

What Will a Polygraph do for Me?

Most of the people that come to us do so in an attempt to clear their name when unjust or false accusations have been made. Maybe a spouse is unbelieving of details they were not able to observe. Maybe you were falsely accused and have no other way to clear your name from a terrible accusation. It can have an awful effect physically, mentally and emotionally on someone, if accused of something that they haven’t done and they are unable to clear their name. Others may even have spoken out, but are not believed. Maybe you have a concern that others are at risk. Proving one is being honest and truthful is truly the first step in your emotional recovery. It may also be the only way to prevent additional transgressions, as well as protecting others.


Solving such worrisome, emotional and potentially legally threatening issues are life changing. Leaving these types of things festering or nagging at you for months or years can have a devastating effect on a relationship or a child’s future. Get the answers now to prevent the misery that lingers when questions of this magnitude exist.

As the longest established and most recognized professional in Ireland, BPA / APA Qualified Certified Examiner Sian Devine MBA, M.Sc. and Lie Detector LTD. of Dublin, is ready to help. Contact us to learn more, ask us questions, or book an examination today.

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 by Dainéal Ó hAinle

Thanks Sian you saved my marriage.

And thank you so much for your review Dainéal

 by Theresa Murphy

Very happy with all my dealings with Lie Detector Ltd Ireland from the moment I first rang them. Everyone was very helpful and professional. I cannot thank the examiner Sian enough. Being able to prove I was telling the truth has allowed a ongoing family dispute to be resolved and has been life changing. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much Theresa for your review. We were delighted to be able to help you.

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Appreciate everything you did to help with our situation.

You're very welcome Dáire and thank you for the review.