Pre Employment Polygraph Testing

Employer Services

Some businesses such as those who operate in high risk sectors, or security firms, request to have the information furnished by an applicant verified by a polygraph as part of the final selection process to identify applicants who are, for example, hiding criminality or undesirable activities which would make them unsuitable candidates.

Employment VerificationCertain industries are now sending prospects for polygraph tests, in particular:

  • Security Industries
  • Cash-in-transit Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Other High-risk Sectors

With the accuracy and reliability a polygraph offers, many company owners and stockholders are no longer willing to watch managers skip this important pre-screening process.

Many employers require testing to ensure that nobody is trying to infiltrate their business with criminal intent. It’s used in serious situations to stop somebody who’s not entitled or is not eligible for a certain position.

Child care is another field that is increasingly using polygraphs to block undesirable individuals and those with undisclosed issues or backgrounds. People whose business involves vulnerable people or children may use a polygraph and to ensure that a potential employee has not been involved in criminal issues, child pornography or other criminal acts. It can help to protect the business, other employees and the vulnerable people they are charged with caring for.

We offer tests which an employer can be assured will be designed for their specific purposes. This is not an opportunity to discover gossip, but a chance to verify you are dealing with the person you think you are, and that they have told you the truth in their application and interview process.