Private Lie Detection Tests in Ireland

The vast majority of our clients undertake a polygraph test because they need to prove they are telling the truth.

Damaged Reputation

A lie detector test can help you rebuilt your reputation and relieve some of the physical and emotional effects. It is reported to us by many clients that the ability to prove you are being truthful in a matter, can improve both physical and mental well-being.

Relationship issues

Do you suspect your partner has cheated on you? Is your partner constantly accusing you of cheating? Polygraph tests can be conducted where honesty or integrity in a relationship is an issue. Perhaps you want to test the truthfulness of your partner before you make a life-long commitment to them? Once trust has been broken it can be difficult to repair, often concerns about any further undisclosed indiscretions can be a major obstacle and polygraph testing can assist in these circumstances. Knowing the truth can help you establish the next step to be taken, whatever that may be, in the full confident that you are making these decision’s equipped with the facts.

Domestic dispute

These types of issues can tear a family apart, often with irrevocable damage if the issue is not dealt with swiftly. Allegations of sexual or physical abuse can divide a family for generations. Theft within the family home can be extremely upsetting for the injured party and can lead to many innocent family members being under suspicion of something they have not done. Taking a polygraph test is quite often the only way to resolve the issue and alleviate discord within the (extended) family unit.

False Accusations

False accusations can and do destroy lives! Your reputation is under attack and the result of these often unfounded and or malicious allegation can have a severe detrimental effect on the life of the person involved and those around them. The situation can be worse when there is no easy way to prove the accusation is false. With the lack of any physical evidence, it can boil down to your word against another’s; it can be very difficult to clear your name. Taking a polygraph test allows you to quickly disprove the accusation and prove your innocence.