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Will you marry me – after you’ve passed a polygraph?

We are finding that the number of engaged couples seeking polygraph tests prior to their wedding is increasing. In many cases previous infidelity is a feature......

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Polygraph: Testing sex offenders in Ireland

The polygraph has long been used in the rehabilitation of sex offenders in the US. A study The Value of Polygraph Testing in Sex Offender Management......

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Give a Dog a Bad Name

Once a person loses his reputation, he is likely to be blamed for the misdeeds of others......

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Stop corruption in Irish Politics NOW

We have started a petition to demand that any TD accused or suspected of corruption should undergo a mandatory polygraph test. Why has so much money been wasted on tribunals......

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Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

There has been quite a lot of media coverage recently into how Irish Employers are increasingly using polygraph examinations now, particularly as part of the recruitment process......

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