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Are you a victim of Gaslighting?

Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Does your partner deny this and claim you are crazy and imaging things. Does your partner continuously deny they said or did something (even though you have proof) to the extent it causes you to questions yourself? Does your partner tell others you…...

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Richard Satchwell and the Polygraph (Lie Detector test)

We have been approached many times over the last few months by media outlets keen to arrange a polygraph test for Richard Satchwell. Sadly it is now over a year since Tina Satchwell went missing. We are the only polygraph test company in Ireland with examiners living in Ireland and…...

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Journalist Calls on Sian Devine to Conduct Polygraph Tests for Government Inquiries and Tribunals

Well known journalist Pat Flanagan calls on the Irish government to employ Sian Devine to conduct polygraph testing for tribunals and inquiries. He states in the Irish Mirror that – “You can’t believe anyone in Ireland – especially Gardai and the Government”. Pat states that maybe it’s time the Government…...

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Choosing the Best Polygraph Examiner in Ireland

Price may be a factor when choosing a polygraph examiner, however it is not the most important factor - experience is! ......

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Beware, all may not be what it seems!

WE ARE THE ONLY POLYGRAPH COMPANY IN IRELAND. We are in our seventh year of conducting polygraph tests in Ireland......

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