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How Accurate Can I Expect a Polygraph Test To Be?

There are a number of factors which affect the accuracy of a Lie Detector test, so how accurate is it? Some of these things can be controlled by the examiner, some of these cannot. The things that an examiner can control include being properly qualified, which involves training with a…...

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Polygraph Testing for Memory Loss or Forgotten Situations.

Occasionally, we are contacted by individuals who want to take a test because they cannot remember something, perhaps due to time lapse or memory impairment, and they hope taking a test will provide some clarity. Unfortunately for these individuals the polygraph cannot help. The polygraph is not scouring the dark…...

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Use of Polygraph in Criminal Investigations and Court

The polygraph is a superb investigative tool, it quickly rules out the innocent and allows resources to be more targeted in the course of an investigation. Whilst used for many purposes, its principle use worldwide is in criminal investigations. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are often approached by…...

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Lie Detector Misconceptions

Many people find the idea of a polygraph test fascinating and intriguing. However, real examinations are not televised events and often people have acquired many misconceptions about how the process works due to something they have seen on television. You may hear about the results of a test on daytime…...

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Is it Possible For Someone Beat a Lie Detector Test?

The procedures and testing equipment are designed specifically to determine if someone is undergoing any type of countermeasures, or trying to beat the test. A properly trained and experienced examiner will observe or detect any such attempts at obstruction. It is not possible for someone to prevent the involuntary physiological…...

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