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False accusations? Take a polygraph test to clear your name!

False accusations can and do destroy lives! Your reputation is under attack and the result of these often unfounded and or malicious allegation can have a severe detrimental effect on the life of the person involved and those around them.

The situation can be worse when there is no easy way to prove the accusation is false. With the lack of any physical evidence, it can boil down to your word against another’s; it can be very difficult to clear your name.

We deal with many people in these situations. Often through no fault of their own they find their life has been turned upside down. Unfortunately in many situations there can be a predisposition by others to presume these allegations to be true- instead of presuming innocence until proven guilty. We are often told by our clients that even if those around them are supportive and reassure them that they don’t believe the allegation(s), our client can’t help but wonder whether this is really true or at the back of their minds is there some doubt regarding their innocence.

The physical effect’s a person can suffer include anxiety, anxiousness, agitation, sleeplessness, depression and even thoughts of suicide. They may feel angry, shocked, lose confidence and suffer emotional and physical trauma. They may be unable to work, they may be suspended from work, this can lead to severe financial stresses. The persons reputation may be damaged and they may have to spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to clear their name.

A polygraph test can help you rebuilt your reputation and relieve some of the physical and emotional effects. It is reported to us by many clients that the ability to prove you are being truthful in a matter, can improve both physical and mental well-being. They often talk about a weight being lifted and being able to sleep much better after passing a polygraph test.

When you are wrongly accused, in the absence of corroborative evidence, a polygraph test can help you clear your name. Feel free to contact us if you need further information.