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How to choose a professional polygraph examiner

A polygraph test can be a life changing event and choosing a polygraph examiner is a big decision; therefore you need to ensure the examiner is properly qualified and competent to conduct a test. Here are some guidelines to consider before making your decision:
Ensure the examiner completed their training with an American Polygraph Association (APA) accredited school and that they are a current member of the APA. It is a requirement of the APA that practising examiners undertake regular on-going education. Check that the examiner has met the APA minimum requirements regarding continuing education.

Furthermore it is beneficial to look for a polygraph examiner who has professional affiliations and memberships with recognised associations that set professional standards for its members, such as the British Polygraph Association- http://www.britishpolygraphassociation.org/members.html These associations will publish a list of current members on their websites. Currently there is no Irish Polygraph Association.

Check the examiner is using the latest computerised equipment.
Ensure the examiner works within an established business.
Ask the examiner how long the process will take. A properly conducted polygraph examination will not take less time than dictated by APA standards.
Is the examiner charging a market related rate? Be very suspicious of an examiner charging less than the market rate, it may mean they are using substandard equipment or may not be properly qualified.
Do not accept Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) in place of a polygraph test. Published validity studies show VSA is not reliable and offers little or no scientific basis.