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Is it Possible For Someone Beat a Lie Detector Test?

The procedures and testing equipment are designed specifically to determine if someone is undergoing any type of countermeasures, or trying to beat the test. A properly trained and experienced examiner will observe or detect any such attempts at obstruction.

Are Lie Detectors Accurate?It is not possible for someone to prevent the involuntary physiological responses that occur when someone is not telling the truth. Occasionally someone may think that by moving at certain points in the test it will help them pass, but both the examiner and the equipment will detect any such activity.

Many people have heard of things such as putting a tack in their shoes and pressing down on it. Such actions simply do not work as they will be instantly detected. If someone is engaging in countermeasures they will quickly be asked by the examiner to stop. If they continue, they will end up with a report at the end of the process that states the person was purposefully not co-operating. Innocent people do not engage in this type of behavior and conclusions of dishonesty will only be reinforced.

Sometimes a person who is not being truthful may agree to take a test to give the impression to others they have nothing to hide in the hope that by simply agreeing to a test, they will not be pressed to follow through. Sometimes this strategy works for them, if the questioning party is ignorant of the inability to fake a test or how accurate a polygraph test is.

Indeed, a number of bookings are cancelled, either because there has been a confession or the person backs out at the last minute and refuses to take the test, when they realize the moment of truth is at hand.

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