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Journalist Calls on Sian Devine to Conduct Polygraph Tests for Government Inquiries and Tribunals

Well known journalist Pat Flanagan calls on the Irish government to employ Sian Devine to conduct polygraph testing for tribunals and inquiries. He states in the Irish Mirror that – “You can’t believe anyone in Ireland – especially Gardai and the Government”

Pat states that maybe it’s time the Government called upon Ms Devine’s company to help out at the tribunals and inquiries where there is a well-established tradition of people lying down on the job, so to speak.

The problem lies in the fact that Ireland itself is an actual lie as on the surface it seems we have an almost perfect society but just beneath lies an ocean of corruption and inequality that would not be out of place in Nigeria.

This week we were deemed to be the sixth most democratic country in the world and a bastion of pluralism and civil liberties by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Democracy Index.

That is the lie that went around the world this week and it’s not because the researchers failed in their task, it’s because the deception is so complete and runs so deep it is almost impossible to get to the truth.

They didn’t obviously take account of the fact the gap between the poorest families and the wider population is larger here than in comparable EU states.

The 130,00 children which the ERSI report found were living in constant poverty will no doubt be full of pride that they live in such a fabulous democracy even if they have empty bellies.

If anyone wants evidence that Ireland is not what it seems on the surface they might take the time to read reports emerging from the Disclosures Tribunal.

For those who don’t know or who just can’t take any more State skulduggery the tribunal is examining whether or not former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan inappropriately relied on unjustified grounds to discredit Sgt McCabe at a private inquiry set up in 2015.

Could there be a more inappropriate name for a tribunal where no one wants to disclose anything at all?

A more fitting title might be the Undisclosures Tribunal.

Of course the deception is so vast and is so ingrained in the fabric of Irish society that lies are a form of currency that allows those in positions of authority and power to buy their way out of trouble.

To this end we expect such people to tell lies and we are genuinely shocked if anyone in such a position actually tells the truth without it being forced out of them.

Over the years countless witnesses have gone before the courts and tribunals and told barefaced lies without any consequences to the extent that there has hardly been a single conviction for perjury in the history of the State.

What would the researchers who claimed we are the sixth most democratic country in the world make of the performance of civil servants at the Disclosures Tribunal this week?

The most senior, and highest paid, public servants continually claimed they had no recollection of emails and phone calls they were shown to have sent and received.

Former Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald went one better and said she made a “conscious decision” not to act on foot of an email she received in 2015 about matters affecting Sgt Maurice McCabe at the O’Higgins Commission.

The problem for her is she had already said she couldn’t recall the email that she remembers making the conscious decision about.

Late last year the Government came close to collapse and Ms Fitzgerald resigned from the Cabinet after the existence of the email
was disclosed.

The Taoiseach went into the Dail and told untruths after being fed lies by the civil service about the email which the Justice Minister couldn’t recall but had made a conscious decision about.

Ms Fitzgerald is now looking to revise her evidence claiming her “conscious decision” not to interfere was a general approach, and not a specific response to the email she got on May 15, 2015.

On second thoughts, it might not be a good idea to hire Ms Devine’s Lie Detector company for she would probably need to replace her polygraph machines after them being burned out from overwork this week.

That’s the lie of the land in Ireland.

Source : https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/news-opinion/pat-flanagan-you-cant-believe-11957425