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Beware, all may not be what it seems!

WE ARE THE ONLY POLYGRAPH COMPANY IN IRELAND. We are in our seventh year of conducting polygraph tests in Ireland. We are based in Ireland and all our examiners live and work in Ireland.

Sometimes a business operating from a different country will try and appear to be based in Ireland – and mislead potential customers by claiming to have lots of offices in Ireland, when in fact they do not have any physical presence at all in this country and simply use fake addresses and have Irish phone numbers which are being answered in another country. Quite often these businesses are just out to make a quick buck and do not have any qualified polygraph examiners and simply hire one on the day to conduct the test.

This is fraudulent and leaves the customer with no redress what-so-ever. Often fake reviews are left on google review, again this is fraud. Do your homework before you book a test and ensure the business you are dealing with is registered in Ireland and look for evidence they have been operating in Ireland for a long time. Don’t be fooled by websites with photographs of nice looking office buildings next to addresses they are unrelated to. Genuine businesses don’t try to fool/scam the public.