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Why Would Someone Need, or Want, a Polygraph Test?

When There is No Physical Proof to Exonerate You a Polygraph May Be Your Only Recourse

Being asked to take a lie detector test, or requesting one yourself, is not usually a comfortable issue to have to deal with.
We would like to examine some of the reasons why someone would want or need a test.

Lie Detector Test EquipmentMost of the people that request a test for themselves do so because they want or need to prove they haven’t done something that they’ve been accused of doing.

It is usually something that’s has greatly affected their life or reputation in a very significant way. Sometimes it is something that has lingered for months or years, eating away at you.

When there is no real way for someone to refute such accusations or there is no corroborative evidence available then it is very difficult or even impossible for someone to clear their name in any other way.Family LawPeople come forward when they need to prove that they’re telling the truth and a polygraph test is the only way they reasonably can do so.

Frequently someone is applying for a sensitive employment situation and the employer is in need of addition information other than what the candidate can directly provide.

The assurances provided by polygraphs can seriously limit the possibility of future liabilities, preserving the safety of assets or intellectual knowledge and, in fact, the reputation of a business or brand name.

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