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Will you marry me – after you’ve passed a polygraph?

We are finding that the number of engaged couples seeking polygraph tests prior to their wedding is increasing. In many cases previous infidelity is a feature. Whilst the relationship is back on track, some doubts still remain, the betrayed partner may accept their partner is no longer cheating but wants to ensure that the full extent of the unfaithfulness has been admitted and that there isn’t further details being with-held. When the guilty partner took some time to “confess” and only did so under prolonged duress or after their partner found evidence, doubts can still remain as to whether they are still holding back details and are now being entirely honest.

Conversely, it can be hard to trust a cheat; the betrayed partner wants to ensure there have not been any further indiscretions before they commit to marriage. It can take time to rebuild trust and this is entirely understandable. Sometimes we come across situations where the betrayed partner believes and trusts that their partner has changed and is now faithful. In these circumstances, the polygraph is for the benefit of parents and family who remain hostile and suspicious towards the cheater and do not want to see their loved one suffer future heartbreak.

There are also circumstances where there no suspicions of cheating but either one or both parties want to test the truthfulness of information provided to them by their partner, before they make a lifelong commitment. This may involve questions regarding promiscuity, number of previous sexual partners or ascertaining any information that would result in them deeming their partner unsuitable for marriage.

Knowing the truth can help you establish the next step to be taken, whatever that may be, in the full confident that you are making these decision’s equipped with the facts.