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Who uses Polygraph Tests?

We are often asked this question by the general public! Often the enquirer is of the view that polygraphs are mainly undertaken by those unfortunate enough to be in a relationship whereby one party suspects their partner of being unfaithful.

Whilst it is true that the polygraph can play an important role when trust or infidelity issues arise in relationships -once trust has been broken it can be difficult for the injured party to believe in their partner again, often concerns about any further undisclosed indiscretions can be a major obstacle and polygraph testing can assist in these circumstances. However, there are countless other scenarios whereby we carry out polygraph tests for members of the public. The vast majority of our clients undertake a polygraph test because they need to prove they are telling the truth.

We regularly test clients who have been the subject of serious accusation(s). Quite often there is no corroborative evidence, simply someone makes an allegation and our client finds themselves in a position whereby it is very difficult to clear their name – until they take a polygraph test.

It would be true to say that most of our clients would not historically envisaged they would ever need to take a polygraph test.

Sometimes our clients have lived with the consequences of an untrue allegation for many years. This may have had a hugely detrimental effect on their physical and emotional wellbeing. Resulting in psychological and physical ailments and disorders. Having the power take back control and prove they have been truthful is an important part of the recovery process.