Pre-Employment Testing

Some businesses such as those who operate in high risk sectors or security firms request to have the information furnished by an applicant verified by the polygraph as part of the final selection process to identify…

Insurance Investigations

When used as part of the investigative process the polygraph helps to either exonerate or implicate suspects or witnesses, significantly reducing costs for both investigators and companies an policy holders. By reducing the number of false and fraudulent claims being paid…

Domestic Dispute Resolution

Polygraphs tests are often administered where a spouse or partner is suspected of cheating. Tests are also conducted when there is an allegation of physical or sexual abuse or addiction and accusations of theft…

Media & Current Affairs

Why not verify sources first? We are experienced in working with Media Industries in Ireland, helping ensure their sources are truthful and trustworthy. As the leading expert on the polygraph in Ireland we help separate fact from fiction…

Employee Theft/Fraud

Polygraph tests can be administered in these situations for truth verification. We have worked with many organisations over the years and as well as allowing innocent employees to clear their names at this stage we have also helped recover hundreds of thousands of euro’s for employers which would otherwise have been lost for good.

Family Law Verification

Matters of issue pending before a court or administrative agency can utilise the polygraph for truth verification. Fundamental in situations where it is one persons word against another’s…

Sporting & Tournaments

We have conducted many tests on behalf of sporting organisations to ascertain whether competitors have engaged in prohibited activities such as taking performing enhancing drugs and or other actions which constitute cheating.

Bribery/Kickback Allegation

We have also helped recover hundreds of thousands of Euro’s for employers by administering Polygraph tests in these types of situations, for truth verification.

False or Malicious Allegations

False accusations can and do destroy lives. Reputations under attack or unfounded and or malicious allegations can have a severe detrimental effect on the life of the person involved and those around them. Polygraph tests allow innocent parties to clear their name and prove their honesty.