Lie Detector Helps Get to the Truth of the Matter

By Margaret O’Brien

We usually associate polygraph testing with US police dramas or Hollywood blockbusters, but polygraph testing is increasingly used by businesses, private individuals and the legal profession here in Ireland.

Until a few years ago, if someone wanted a polygraph test conducted, they had to call in the experts from the UK, which had an obvious bearing on the financial cost, then Lie Detector Ltd, headquartered in Dun Laoghaire was established to provide the a flexible, cheaper, but equally professional service in Ireland.

“We began to offer this service in response to requests for Polygraph tests made to our sister company, private investigation business -Bluemoon Investigations”, explained Sian Devine, managing director, Lie Detector Ltd.

“We teamed up with the Arizona School of Polygraph Science in Phoenix Arizona to become the first business based in Ireland to offer Polygraph services with Irish based examiners. This has considerably reduced the cost of Polygraph services in Ireland.

All of our examiners completed their training with an accredited school and are all members of the American Polygraph Association. We use validated techniques and the latest computerised equipment. We offer polygraph services to corporate clients, the legal profession and the general public.”

Devine admitted, “The biggest challenge we face is raising awareness of this service. Many people do not realise this service is available in Ireland or they tend to simply associate its use in the area of cheating within relationships However, the Polygraph can be used in almost any situation where an individual needs to prove they are telling the truth.”

Citing some example, Devine said, “Polygraph examinations can be used as part of the pre-selection process when recruiting. This is something all businesses should consider given the fact that almost all CV’s contain some inaccuracies. This is particularly important for businesses in the security sector who may be targeted and infiltrated by criminal gangs. For a relatively small cost these businesses can use Polygraph services to eliminate this risk and protect themselves and their clients.”

She added, “Using the Polygraph as part of any investigation can reduce money and manpower costs. It helps the focus of the investigation and anybody telling the truth can be quickly eliminated from the investigation.”

“We recently carried out some examinations for a corporate client where €10,000 had been stolen. There were four potential suspects, who had all been interviewed by the Gardai. We were called in when the Gardai had exhausted their investigation and had no further leads. We carried out the Polygraph examinations for three of the suspects, who were all employees of our client. Two passed and one failed. Within a short time of the test results being issued, the person who failed the test,
confessed to the theft and our client recovered his money. This would not have happened if we had not been called in.”

According to Devine, “Time and time again polygraph examinations have proven an effective means for verifying truth. If you need to prove your innocence or expose deception the polygraph is the only definitive way of doing so.

Devine concluded by re-assuring that the services offered by Lie Detector Ltd. are provided in total confidence. “We offer a reliable, flexible discreet service and we are always happy to answer any queries.”

Printed in the Sunday Business Post November 27th, 2011