Truth Extraction – Interview in The Irish Sun

Our man undergoes the Lie Detector Test that’s available to the public.

The SunScorned partners and scammed firms have a new weapon against cheats and thieves – affordable Lie Detector Tests. Lie Detector Ltd based in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin is the first company of its kind to offer the service in Ireland.

With a success rate of up to 98% The Irish Sun felt compelled to investigate if the truth telling machine which are regularly used in U.S courts, actually works. As a full test can take several hours, company boss Sian Devine advised a quick Peal of tension test. She revealed how this type of test helps to expose murderers who have buried victims in secret locations and also rumbles robbers who deny stealing.

My test focused on proving my mother’s maiden name- AND IT WORKED…

As I entered their controlled environment a table of probes and tubes greeted me. Sian strapped me in, first wrapping two corrugated tubes around my upper body to measure my breathing. She wrapped a blood pressure cuff around my right arm, then finger cuffs were attached to measure sweat gland activity and another device on my middle finger measured blood rate volume. Finally a movement mat under my bum ensured that any squirming would be picked up.

I’d given Sian my mum’s maiden name Murray as part of the pre-test and six random surnames. A peak of tension test should show a pattern of responsiveness that increases as the correct answer approaches and declines when it has passed. As she fired out the names, I answered no. trying to keep it together we get to Murray. Again I batted it away thinking I’d kept my composure. As I smugly sat reveling at beating the system, Sian said: “Is your mother’s name Murray?” Bang. Rumbled. She said “there was a significant response on your sweat gland activity and blood pressure. The chart showed you were relieved when the lie was out of the way. People think they can beat the test, but they can’t.”

Sian said all the tests were double checked and results released within 24hours. She revealed a second examiner checks everything. “These are issues which change people’s lives”

By Mark May
Published in The Irish Sun July 18th 2011