Lie Detectors Snare Party Cheats

By Nick Bramhill

Suspicious girlfriends clamp down

Girls who suspect their fellas have been cheating at the office Christmas party are demanding they take lie detector tests.

Suspicious females account for most of the clientele who book polygraph probes for boyfriends or husbands over the festive period.

Sian Devine who runs Dublin-based Lie Detector Ltd said last January was three times as busy as any month of the years as dozens of Irish men were forced to come clean.

And she said business has once again taken off in the past few weeks for the service which she claims is 98% accurate.

Ms Devine said: “We’re very busy with relationship issues, but Christmas is the busiest time. There are so many parties and temptations at this time of year. People tend to drink more than any other time of year and get more flirty”.

Published in The Irish Daily Star, 13th-Dec-2012