More Firms Using Lie Detectors To Trap Fake Recruits

By Claire Murphy –

IRISH companies are turning to pre-employment lie detector tests as corporate crime rates shoot up.


Big security companies, pharmaceutical firms and multi-nationals are now asking potential employees to undergo a truth-telling test from a registered company.

As there are more incidents of corporate theft, Tiger kidnappings and illegal drug production, new employers want to be sure that they have the right candidate.

Sian Devine, CEO of Dublin-based Lie Detector Ltd, said that there is a growing demand for their services. “Companies want to know that their future employees have integrity and honesty,” she said.


“They want to see if they have historically done something wrong –and whether they are honest about what they have done. Security companies want to know that people are applying for the jobs for the right reason –in case of inside information in robberies.

“Any business that has a US base would particularly be interested in these tests as it happens more often in the US.

“Another area that is using the facility is pharmaceutical companies, where individuals would have access to make illegal drugs.”

Individuals who are applying for the positions that require the lie detector test are often reluctant to take a test, Ms Devine said. “The initial response is that they are wary of them and some would rather leave the position,” she said. “But they are only used to gather the information that would identify that the person otherwise wouldn’t be entitled to the position.

“It’s only relevant to that specific company. They’ll ask the reasons for joining the company or if it was a childcare position perhaps if they had viewed pornography online.”

Lie Detector Ltd also provides tests for individuals who have been accused of something in their private life.

“You might not feel any different when you tell a lie but there are involuntary responses that are part of the nervous system that reacts in such a way,” Ms Devine said.

Originally posted at Thursday December 01 2011