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Are you the victim of a Narcissist Smear Campaign?

A narcissist will spread lies about their victims to destroy that individual’s reputation.

A smear campaign conducted by  a narcissist is a manipulation tactic and will be particularly vindictive and persistent. Choosingtherapy.com describe the elements of such a campaign as being vengeful and very deliberate. What’s more the narcissist knows exactly what they are doing. Furthermore, they are insistent and persistent in their quest to damage their victim’s reputation. Unbelievably we have even come across a situation when the narcissist liar continued to tell lies at the church door at the funeral of one of their victims. Nothing is off limits it appears.

Narcissists will project their bad qualities

They will accuse their victims of the very things they are doing themselves. Moreover, their campaign will be calculated; they know who they can and can’t manipulate. Additionally, the narcissist will have a good idea of who will believe their lies. They will then target these selected individuals who are then likely to repeat these lies.

Why do Narcissists do this?

There are a number of reasons why a narcissist may engage in a smear campaign. However they often revolve around a need for revenge with the goal of discrediting their victim. Also it may involve financial gain. Equally, it may be connected to the narcissists low self-esteem. Narcissists often have control issues. They like to appear to be the victim, as though they are the wronged party. Discrediting their victims is likely at the same time to try and protect their own reputation from the truth that they are the wrongdoer.

Narcissistic liars will say anything to make themselves look good, regardless of the truth and how it affects other people. If you are the victim of a Narcissist’s smear campaign, we may be able to help you.

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